VS2Very Slightly Imperfect 2 (diamonds)
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The Abaxis VetScan VS2 (Abaxis North America, Union City, CA, USA) is an example of the small, portable "point-of-care" biochemical analyzers that have become increasingly common over the past 20 years.
The VS2 can have up to 12 HP ProLiant BL460c G7 servers, multiple network and storage connectivity modules, and P4800 LeftHand SAN that can expand to 84TB.
The value of the motor speed and the generator speed is fixed by velocity sensors VS1 and VS2.
They started with the finishing processes, splitting the operation into three value streams (VS)--ductile iron became VS1, malleable iron was VS2 and nonferrous was called VS3.
RECENTLY, I reviewed an excellent mobile phone from Panasonic, the VS2.
These include: type OH2 horizontal models, such as HPX and PHL; type OH3 vertical in-line models, such as HWX and HWMI: types BB1-BB5 between bearing models, such as DVSH, HDX, DMX and HDO: and types VS1, VS2, VS4, VS5 and VS7 single and double-case vertically suspended models, such as WUC and WUJ.
The VS2 can now be supplied in right hand as well as left hand configurations.
Each operator performed this exercise on five different encounters with each type of mine simulant (M14, PMA3, VS2.
A plasma biochemical analysis performed with a chemistry analyzer (VetScan VS2, Abaxis, Darmstadt, Germany) revealed mild increase in uric acid concentration (18 mg/dL; reference interval, 4-14 mg/dL), mild hypocalcemia (9.
The Converged portfolio comes in three "Virtual System" models ranging from small to large: VS1, VS2 and VS3.
Two velocity sensors VS1 and VS2 (the replacement of the centrifugal governors CG1 and CG2).
But Panasonic have launched a phone, the VS2, with a 16million- colour display.