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VSAMVirtual Storage Access Method
VSAMVideo Surveillance and Monitoring
VSAMVideo Surveillance and Monitoring (MIT artificial intelligence project)
VSAMVirtual Sequential Access Method
VSAMVirtual Strobe Audio Metronome
VSAMVideo Surveillance and Activity Monitoring
VSAMVery Strange Access Method :-)
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The VSAM system [24] tracked the human body as a whole blob.
(DB2, for instance, is not as fast as native VSAM.)
As illustrated in Figure 1, an implementation might be provided by a legacy VSAM database today, but I could easily swap out that component and replace it with an object or relational database with no effect on the user of the service, providing the interface remains unchanged.
As a result Aonix has worked at modernizing the offering to produce UltraQuest Reporter for web- enabled S/390 reporting and access to IDMS, Teradata, DB2, IMS, VSAM, QSAM, and Nomad data.
* If an error occurs while updating a VSAM file, the operating system may be able to recover the file and repair some of the damage.
The mainframe in the lower left corner contains VSAM, IDMS, and DB2 data.
Inc., and files are managed using VSAM (Virtual Storage Access Method), an IBM file management system.
This challenge exists because moving mainframe Db2 and VSAM data and transforming it so it's ready for storage and analytics in the cloud can be time consuming and very complex due to incompatible record formats.
Ivory Data Hub v5.3 provides SQL support for all data types, both on and off the mainframe, including VSAM, DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server, among others.
Data Types that DataSniff Supports are IMS, IBM DB2, VSAM, QSAM, IDMS, BDAM, BSAM, PDS, ORACLE, SQL, ODBC, and Migrated Data (Virtual and Real Tape) in both structured and unstructured formats.