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VSAMVirtual Storage Access Method
VSAMVideo Surveillance and Monitoring
VSAMVideo Surveillance and Monitoring (MIT artificial intelligence project)
VSAMVirtual Sequential Access Method
VSAMVirtual Strobe Audio Metronome
VSAMVideo Surveillance and Activity Monitoring
VSAMVery Strange Access Method :-)
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NEON Systems Enterprise Access and Integration software products offer direct, transparent access to System/390 IMS, CICS, VSAM, ADABAS, or DB2 data and transactions from the Internet or distributed computing environments.
Without code changes, NeoData zLink enables users to target specific applications, or subsets of applications, for re-hosting without having to move all their associated VSAM data.
Already providing high performance throughput for customers around the globe, as a transparent performance accelerator for VSAM CICS and batch applications under z/OS, INNOVATION is extremely proud to have China Merchants Bank as an IAM customer in China," said Thomas J.
Given that Software AG is still gaining new licences for Adabas, that it is directly targeting users of IMS and VSAM to move to Adabas, that Adabas revenues are growing at between 20% and 30% per annum, and that the company has aggressive plans for introducing new features and capabilities (including real-time replication, multi-media data and storage support, an XQuery Gateway, and browser-based management facilities) during 2005, then we think it would be fair to say that if Adabas is a legacy database then the term 'legacy' ceases to have any useful meaning (if, indeed, it ever did).
The legacy environment at Isbank consists of COBOL programs, COBOL copybooks, IMS DB/DC, JCL, PROCs, as well as IMS, VSAM, and sequential files.
With this announcement, Shadow z/Events now supports the broadest range of mainframe-based, real-time event sources in the market, including DB2(R), IMS(R)/DB, CICS(R) VSAM, Native VSAM and Adabas.
As this project demonstrates," added Kilman, "BluePhoenix technology and methodology can migrate a range of legacy database systems, including IDMS, ADABAS, and VSAM, as well as data, application and JCL, and is the ideal way for companies to move away from non-relational databases and older languages into more efficient and extendable IT environments.
Shadow z/Events allows developers to utilize real-time mainframe-based business events, occurring within DB2, Adabas, IMS/DB, VSAM and CICS/TS environments, with distributed applications such as Defywire Mobility Suite.
Shadow z/EnterpriseWeb is the only product to offer unified mainframe Web-enablement for screen-based applications and legacy data including: DB2, Adabas, IMS/DB, VSAM, CICS/TS, IMS/TM, IDMS/CV and Natural.
Sapiens eMerge supports databases such as DB2, IMS, VSAM, Oracle and Informix.
Customer's, who trust our FDRINSTANT non-disruptive z/OS data protection, UPSTREAM enterprise UNIX, LINUX and Windows business continuance, IAM VSAM application acceleration and FDRPAS non-disruptive disk volume migration are going to have more than just a passing interest in this new IBM disk storage.
Partitioned Database Facility increases IMS full function database capability by 12,800 percent -- expanding a VSAM database and indexes set from 4 to 500 gigabytes and expanding an OSAM data set from 8 gigabytes to 1 terabyte.