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VSANVereniging Sociale Advocatuur Nederland (Dutch: Social Advocacy Association Netherlands)
VSANVirtual Storage Area Network (Cisco)
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With most VSAN implementations, administrators can provision virtual fabrics through a centralized Web-based interface and grow and shrink virtual fabrics dynamically, as needed.
Inter VSAN Routing with FC NAT and native QLogic interoperability enables customers to support Data Center initiatives such as SAN consolidation, SAN connectivity for blade servers, and SAN migration across heterogeneous fabrics, without the usual scaling, interoperability, or addressing limitations of merged fabrics.
The new offering is capable of monitoring individual VSAN partitions and traffic and presenting the information in a report.
Based on industry standards led by McDATA, Open VSANs allow customers to easily add as little as a single port to an existing Open VSAN, providing a cost-effective way to scale individual SANs.
The VxRail Appliance Family, the industrys only HCI appliances specifically developed and fully optimized for VMware environments, now have configurations powered by the latest Intel Broadwell Platforms, VMware vSphere and VMware VSAN technologies and based on PowerEdge servers.
Taking advantage of Cisco VSAN capabilities, the bank can integrate two different databases to allow pilots and normal services to run at the same time.
RecoverPoint for VMs employs advanced multi-site synchronous and asynchronous replication technology, offering up to zero RPO with any point in time recovery via a highly resilient, no-single-point-of-failure architecture for the most advanced VSAN topologies.
Dell PowerEdge servers, equipped with ConnectX-4 Lx based 25GbE adapters, also fast track storage and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), facilitating up to two times higher throughout and up to 85 percent more IOPS for Redhat Ceph, Nexenta Edge, VMware VSAN, and Windows Storage Spaces Direct.
The Cisco MDS 9513's high port density, coupled with Cisco VSAN and Inter-VSAN Routing capabilities would allow us to consolidate SANs and to logically separate project data while at the same time simplifying our storage management," said Peter Haas, Director of Network and Data Management in the High Performance Computing Center (HLRS), at University of Stuttgart.
VSANs combined with Inter-VSAN Routing (IVR) allows administrators to provide each department with access to just their assigned storage, enables centralized backup, and helps to isolate fabric events, preventing any failure from affecting multiple departments.
DTECHs VSVR and VSAN products are designed to meet the requirements by our customers to conduct any mission, any time, anywhere.