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VSANVereniging Sociale Advocatuur Nederland (Dutch: Social Advocacy Association Netherlands)
VSANVirtual Storage Area Network (Cisco)
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With most VSAN implementations, administrators can provision virtual fabrics through a centralized Web-based interface and grow and shrink virtual fabrics dynamically, as needed.
Inter VSAN Routing with FC NAT and native QLogic interoperability enables customers to support Data Center initiatives such as SAN consolidation, SAN connectivity for blade servers, and SAN migration across heterogeneous fabrics, without the usual scaling, interoperability, or addressing limitations of merged fabrics.
These companies have dedicated engineering efforts to support all major Cisco MDS 9000 features including topology, VSAN and Port Channel discovery and configuration, health monitoring, and Fibre Channel zoning/inventory.
These allow for contained manageability by allowing administrators to isolate a network problem within the context of a VSAN, as opposed to dealing with difficulties on a large scale.
based vendor's OpenStack distribution, which it announced Monday at the VMworld customer conference in San Francisco, features consolidation with its own NSX software-defined networking and VSAN storage virtualization software, as well as vSphere server virtualization and vCenter management.
InfiniStack VMware Edition allows enterprises to build on existing VMware-based infrastructures to achieve more expansive scalability with VSAN and NSX.
VSAN is a key enabler of flash as performance needs are moving more mainstream across virtualized applications, said Kevin Dibelius, director of enterprise storage marketing at Micron.
para]]VMware Certified 12Gb/s SAS SSDs, PCIe, and HelioSeal(TM) Helium-Filled HDD Provide Flexibility to Efficiently Scale-out VSAN Environments[[/para]]
Kroll has retrieved data from several VSAN managed hard disks, proving its ability to work with VMware s recent software-defined storage release.
Based on industry standards led by McDATA, Open VSANs allow customers to easily add as little as a single port to an existing Open VSAN, providing a cost-effective way to scale individual SANs.
In a case of the education sector, the client successfully optimized the overall I/O performance of VMware Virtual SAN through deploying VDI on VSAN for establishing the teaching resource pool, and deploying one Memblaze PBlaze3 flash memory card for each VSAN node as the read and write cache.