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VSATVery Small Aperture Transmission
VSATVoltage Security Assessment Tool
VSATVery Small Angle Tagger (physics)
VSATVirtual Simulation and Training Inc. (Xenia, OH)
VSATVulnerability Self Assessment Tool (security software)
VSATVery Small Aperture Terminal
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A VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) is a small fixed satellite antenna that is used in satellite communications.
With intelligent QoS (Quality of Service) management and hierarchical traffic shaper, SkyVision customers will benefit from highly-efficient use of satellite bandwidth, and an inexpensive, scalable and flexible VSAT platform with industry-best cost of ownership.
Du VSAT offerings include IP VSAT, managed data network services over satellite and satellite integration solutions.
The development of VSAT industry in Indonesia came with the expansion of the banking sector, which grew fast following the banking deregulation at that time.
That's why it may be surprising to learn how some VSAT and Frame Relay providers are teaming up to offer innovative hybrid networking solutions that ensure a diverse data path for companies whose survival depends upon data integrity.
However, the term VSAT is also loosely used to describe any fixed satellite terminal that provides one-way or two-way communications.
Market outlook of maritime VSAT The market is currently witnessing a significant demand for maritime VSAT worldwide from government organizations, oil and gas companies, and commercial vessel providers.
The company stated that the VSAT Bundle was developed to offer system integrators and installers an intuitive, all-in-one VSAT solution.
The launch of this process followed a public consultation that ictQATAR conducted earlier in 2009 on its intention to license new VSAT providers in Qatar.
While VSAT's inherent broadcast nature has firmly entrenched it in retail, automotive and financial services industries for interactive data, video and audio communications, it's the promise of the Internet that is propelling VSAT to its next growth plateau.