VSBLVijay Shanthi Builders Ltd. (est. 1992; real estate; India)
VSBLVariable Speed Beam Launcher (Gundam Anime)
VSBLVijay Shanthi Builders Limited (Chennai, India)
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Figure 4 depicts the RIEs for both the VSBL and OGVSBL decrease during the imaging process.
In the experiment, OG-VSBL is implemented for different sparsity degrees varying from 5 to 35, and VSBL is also simulated for comparison.
For targets with higher sparsity degree, it is observed that OG-VSBL generates slightly more scatterers than the true sparsity degree but still obtains much sparser image than VSBL. As seen from Figure 5(b), the RIE reconstructed by OG-VSBL increases with the sparsity degree, which means the image quality tends to be worse.
In this paper, we investigate the off-grid RCI based on VSBL framework.