VSCAVintage Snowmobile Club of America
VSCAVirginia Stock Corporation Act
VSCAVictorian Supreme Court of Appeal (Australia)
VSCAVariable-Strength Covering Array
VSCAVirginia Scholastic Chess Association (Richmond, VA)
VSCAComputer Vision System Control Architectures (technology workshop)
VSCAVital Statistics of California (Office of Health Information & Research)
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The ramifications of the decision have been considered recently by the Victorian Court of Appeal in Matthews v The Queen [2014] VSCA 291 [paragraph] 29 (Austl.).
at 139; see also Pasznyk v The Queen [2014] VSCA 87, [paragraph] 67 (Austl.) ("Culpable driving is an offence frequently committed by people of otherwise good character, so that the offending in such cases truly might be described as an aberration." (footnote omitted)).
(5) Kakavas v Crown Melbourne Ltd & Ors [2012] VSCA 95 (21 May 2012); see especially the judgment of Bongiomo JA, [45]-[165].
Una vez dicotomizada la variable CAR se uso esta como variable dependiente y las variables valoracion subjetiva de la capacidad aerobica (VSCA) y valoracion del ejercicio fisico (VEF) ambas autoinformadas, como variables independientes.
Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) briefed the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army (VSCA) on 26 July 2006 on a concept to adapt NCOES instruction in the institutional Army to better support units affected by the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) model.
Islamic Council of Victoria, Inc., [2006] VSCA 284 (Dec.
(23) The litigation generated multiple judgments: Islamic Council of Victoria Inc v Catch the Fire Ministries Inc [2003] VCAT 1753; Islamic Council of Victoria Inc v Catch the Fire Ministries Inc (Find) [2004] VCAT 2510; Islamic Council of Victoria Inc v Catch the fire Ministries Inc (Anti Discrimination--Remedy) [2005] VCAT 1159; Catch the Fire Ministries Inc & Ors v Islamic Council o Victoria Inc [2006] VSCA 284.
The heritability [Narrow-sense heritability = {(Vgca)/(Vgca + Vsca + VE)} x 100; where, Vgca = general combining ability variance, Vsca = specific combining ability variance, and VE = error variance], and the proportional contribution of females, males, and their interaction [contribution of females = {SS (females)/ SS (crosses)} x 100; contribution of males = {SS (males)/SS (crosses)} x 100; contribution of females x males interaction = {SS (females x males)/SS (crosses) x 100}] to total variability of each trait/character was also computed.