VSCPVideo Switch Control Program
VSCPVital Statistics Cooperative Program
VSCPVery Simple Control Protocol (daemon)
VSCPVisiting Student Certificate Program (University of Alberta; Canada)
VSCPVessel Safety Check Program (US Coast Guard)
VSCPVideo Switch Control Program (software)
VSCPVirtual Server Control Panel
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Mobile satellite services are evolving rapidly, particularly with those based on IP," VSCP graduate Ole Peters, CEO of DH-Intercom in Germany.
VSCP helps Service Providers acquire new commercial and technical support expertise and offers promotional tools to Service Providers that complete the program.
Moelis & Company Holdings LP and Morris, Manning & Martin LLP counselled VSCP.
AIS's VSCP system runs on a cluster of 200 Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers, which enable the system to provide reliable service control functions, service rating functions and service charging functions at low cost.
We are thrilled that AIS turned to Red Hat solutions for its VSCP system," said Joanne Rohde, Executive Vice President of Vertical Marketing, Red Hat.