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VSGVector Signal Generator
VSGVariable Surface Glycoprotein
VSGLugansk, Ukraine (Airport Code)
VSGVirgin Sun Grown (cigar)
VSGVariable Spreading Gain
VSGValle San Giovanni (Italy)
VSGVibrating Structure Gyroscope
VSGVegetarian Society of Georgia (USA)
VSGVoroshilovgrad (now Lugansk; Russia)
VSGViscous Semi-Geostrophic
VSGvirtual support group (US DoD)
VSGVertical Support Group
VSGVincentian Sisters of Charity (religious order)
VSGVertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (surgical procedure)
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A spokesman for VSG, run by Keith Francis, said the scheme was audited and approved by HM Revenue and Customs.
The deal with Compass Group is the right move for VSG and going forward, their partnership will allow us to further our growth strategy and take the business into a new dimension.
However, even with the change in direction from a spin-off to a purchase buy-out, the input from the VSG remained relevant and valuable.
Young also noted that the VSG controller is capable of reducing both emissions and fuel consumption by 40 percent.
Representing premier CPG companies, VSG serves the New England, Metro and Upstate New York, Northeast Pennsylvania, Baltimore/Washington, and Virginia/West Virginia markets.
As a North American-based global manufacturer, VSG is uniquely positioned to respond quickly to increasing demand for high-quality vehicle service equipment in new markets around the world," says VSG President Gary Kennon.
2 is a key release of the Avizo product family", says Pascal Doux, VSG Product Director.
In wide-loop bandwidth mode, the new VSG and VSA can settle to a center frequency significantly faster than many traditional RF instruments.
VSG has local offices in London, Belfast and Dublin.
NEW DELHI -- Vikram Gandhi today announced the setting up of his new firm called VSG Capital Advisors .
Our association with VSG will provide an outstanding opportunity to directly gauge the needs of Indian Engineers & Scientists, which will help to accelerate the growth of our Composites Industry by setting new standards in India.
NORTHAMPTON, England, April 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Northampton-based VSG, one of the most successful companies in the UK security sector, has achieved the accolade of inclusion in the annual Sunday Times PricewaterhouseCoopers Profit Track 100 league table.