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VSGVector Signal Generator
VSGVariable Surface Glycoprotein
VSGLugansk, Ukraine (Airport Code)
VSGVirgin Sun Grown (cigar)
VSGVariable Spreading Gain
VSGValle San Giovanni (Italy)
VSGVibrating Structure Gyroscope
VSGVegetarian Society of Georgia (USA)
VSGVoroshilovgrad (now Lugansk; Russia)
VSGViscous Semi-Geostrophic
VSGvirtual support group (US DoD)
VSGVertical Support Group
VSGVincentian Sisters of Charity (religious order)
VSGVertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (surgical procedure)
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VSG was part-owed by Lloyds but has since been sold to outsourcing firm Compass.
Prior to founding VSG, Vikram Gandhi was the Global Head, Financial Institutions Group and Vice Chairman, Investment Banking Department at Credit Suisse based in New York and Hong Kong.
Dan has evidently turned his site around and created a great service and relationship with the client and its contractors", says Ben Dawson, Senior National Accounts Manager at VSG.
VSG - Visualization Sciences Group is the leading provider of high-performance 3D visualization software and toolkits for engineers, scientists' and application developers.
VSG was established in March 2000 by the current senior management team, Bill Muskin and the existing senior management team.
Penton made his VSG request after meeting with the new Innovene CEO and learning about his desire for a different culture.
VSG Managing Director, Peter Edwards, is optimistic that it will prove an effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at power stations and other industrial sites.
According to IPS, the VSG controller transmits a speed control signal to the generator governor that reduces speeds depending on electrical load to anywhere between 700 and 1,800 rpm, rather than a normal constant rate of 1,800 rpm.
Ademas de estudios convencionales (hemograma, VSG, PCR, orosomucoide, prueba de leucocitos marcados Tc-99, endoscopia digestiva y biopsia), en muestras de heces que se conservaban congeladas a -70oC hasta el momento de su estudio, se determinaron las tasas de CF en ?
Engineers who need a VSG should start by evaluating fundamental hardware requirements that include the bandwidth of their modulated signal, the frequency range of their carrier signal, the spectral purity of the output signal, the stability of the VSG's reference oscillator, and so on.
A 60-page, 4-color catalog presents an overview of the ValGROOVE VSG (one-edge) and VTG (two-edge) parting and grooving systems.
To keep these pollutants out of the waters below dams, Utility Service Associates developed and markets a food-grade canola-based grease called Cor-Tek VSG that is biodegradable and free of heavy metals, and, Brown says, that outperforms petroleum greases.