VSGAVirginia State Golf Association
VSGAVermont Sheep and Goat Association
VSGAVirginia Scottish Games Association
VSGAVictorian Schools Garden Awards
VSGAVirtual Subpopulation Genetic Algorithm
VSGAVirginia Shellfish Growers Association
VSGAValley Seniors Golf Association (Bedford, NH)
VSGAValley Seniors Golf Association (New Hampshire)
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77% SGA and VSGA births, respectively, within each CLSC territory, illustrating that the proportion of SGA births has slightly lowered in Canada since the reference scale was built.
Those CLSCs also have higher adjusted risk of VSGA, while CLSCs with high levels of material deprivation and sedentary behaviour and those with middle-level access of health care services have higher adjusted risks of SGA-preterm birth.
Nonetheless, even after our separate adjustment of models on SGA-preterm and on VSGA birth, our results might still have been subject to other confounding of unmeasured factors.