VSIVinyl Siding Institute
VSIVertical Speed Indicator
VSIVoltage Source Inverter
VSIVirtual Switch Interface
VSIVoluntary Separation Incentive
VSIVision Systems International
VSIVertical Shaft Impactor (industrial rock crushing machine type)
VSIVirtual Socket Interface
VSIVery Seriously Ill
VSIVertical Scanning Interferometry
VSIVery Seriously Injured
VSIVolontaire de Solidarité Internationale (French: Volunteers for International Solidarity)
VSIVisual Site Inspection (environmental reports)
VSIVendor Single Interest
VSIVLBI Standard Interface
VSIVolunteer Sector Initiative
VSIVirginia Semiconductor, Inc.
VSIVisual Stability Index (concrete)
VSIVascular Society of India
VSIVertical Situation Indicator
VSIVirginia Spine Institute
VSIVirtual Server Infrastructure (database management)
VSIVegetarian Society of Ireland (est. 1978)
VSIStalling Speed in a Specified Flight Configuration
VSIVeteran Solutions, Inc. (Upper Marlboro, MD)
VSIVerify Supplier Invoice
VSIVirtual Screen Interface
VSIVertical Scale Indicator
VSIVelocity and Steering Indicator
VSIVehicle State Interface
VSIVietnam State Inspectorate
VSIVendor Single Insurance
VSIVisual Studio Installer (Microsoft)
VSIVision Systems, Inc.
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Earlier this year, VSI announced a $32 million contract for the delivery of its JHMCS technology to Boeing Company for U.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Login Consultants, the vendor of Login VSI, the de-facto industry standard benchmarking tool for Server Based Computing (SBC) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI), announced today that RES Software is the first IT vendor to receive the 'Tested with Login VSI' award in recognition of their proven commitment towards testing and securing the performance and scalability of their flagship solution, RES Workspace Manager.
pilots will have access to technology that delivers Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System capability to night missions," said VSI President Phil King.
This award reaffirms the confidence that Lockheed Martin has in VSI to advance the fifth generation HMDS capabilities that are integral to the success of the F-35 program," said Drew Brugal, president of VSI.
ComBrio VSI assists the enterprise in meeting federal compliance legislation as well as its internal security policies by introducing access controls while reducing operating expenses," said Dave Boulos, vice president product management and marketing of ComBrio.
Prior to joining VSI, King held a variety of management and leadership positions at McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing over a 26-year career.
The NVCD/ ANVIS is based on a standard pair of ANVIS-F4949 Night Vision Goggles (NVGs), modified with a VSI kit, providing the pilot with a full JHMCS symbols and cueing capability during night NVGs operation.
Nasdaq:SYNP), a leading supplier of software for the design and verification of semiconductors, and the VSI Alliance (VSIA), the leading IP standards body for the electronics industry, today announced that Synplicity has joined the VSIA and is donating its Open IP Encryption Methodology to the organization.
VSI), a leading developer of IT Service Management and Customer Relationship Management software, announces that Mountain View, CA-based Mercury Interactive Corporation has acquired ownership of VSI's IT Service Management product, PowerHelp IT and related core technology, as well as research and development and support personnel and facilities from VSI partner company Tefensoft, Inc.
VSI develops, sells and integrates manufacturing software for a number of medium to large manufacturers in North America's woodworking industry.
VSI is among 417 suppliers to receive the Silver level of recognition.
VSI develops, markets, sells and integrates manufacturing software solutions for a number of medium to large manufacturers in North America's woodworking industry.