VSISVehicle Safety and Inspection Standards (Canada)
VSISVoluntary Safety Information Sharing (aviation)
VSISVault Safety and Inventory System
VSISVital Statistics Information System (various governments; computerized record-keeping)
VSISVictualling Stores Issuing Ship
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The performance offered by Sony's EBH laser was clearly inferior to that of Sharp's VSIS structure, although both were grown by LPE.
The fact that Sharp's VSIS structure had a major impact on Sony's decision to shift the focus of its research effort from LPE to MOCVD technology is important to understanding the innovation process.
As described above, the compact disc players available in 1982 were equipped with a Sharp VSIS semiconductor laser.
At this stage, no one had succeeded in developing a laser diode grown by MOCVD, though, following Sharp's development of the VSIS structure, Sony's rivals had gradually begun focusing on the development of next-generation laser diodes grown by either MOCVD or MBE.
This triumph enabled Sony to begin equipping its compact disc players with its own laser diodes rather than the Sharp VSIS device in 1985.
VSIS is available now and can be ordered from the VESA web site at www.
Companies interested in the products to be developed by Magellan and VSIS should contact either John Bressler of Magellan at 408/524-1400 or jbressler@ashtech.
Sunnyvale-based VSIS was formed by Mitsubishi Electric America in 1996 to address the emerging systems-level applications requirements of customers in North America by defining and designing chipsets and system-on-a-chip solutions.
Additional information on VSIS can be found at www.
VSIS and the VSIS logo are trademarks, and "The System Is The Chip" is a service mark of VSIS Inc.