VSMPOVerkhnaya Salda Metallurgical Production Association (Russia)
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Ian Perks, of VSMPO Tirus Ltd, says: "We were attracted to the io Centre as it is ideally positioned to distribute goods across the UK due to its excellent access to the UK motorway network.
Ian Perks of VSMPO Tirus said: "We were attracted to the io Centre as it is ideally positioned.
This new SMS Meer technology would be allowing VSMPO to produce rings with extremely complex inside and outside profiles.
Boeing Co and Ilyushin have cooperated on projects since 1994, while VSMPO already supplies around 20% of all titanium used by Boeing Co under a USD250m, six-year contract.
TSI Titanium TW Metals Ulbrich Uniform Tubes Uniti Titanium Verkhnaya Salda Metallurgical Production Association visiongain VSMPO VSMPO-AVISMA ZAPP Group
a worldwide renowned machinist for the development of rough machining at VSMPO s facilities, extending the scope of VSMPO s activities for Airbus to higher value added products.
Key players in the high performance alloys market include Allegheny Technologies Inc, Aperam, Carpenter Technology Corporation, RTI Metals, and VSMPO.
The Russian company, VSMPO, has emerged as the leading supplier of mill products to the aerospace industry, supplying in excess of 20kt in 2012.
Uniform Tubes Unilever Unison Engine Components United Aircraft Corporation Uniti Titanium VSMPO (Verkhnaya Salda Metallurgical Production Association) VSMPO-Avisma ZAPP Group
Overviews of the Russian, Chinese and Japanese titanium industries will be provided, respectively, by Michael Metz, VSMPO Tirus US; Wuzhuang Zou, Baoji Titanium Industry Co.
In the next few years, there will be a large number of additional production capacity of titanium sponge releasing into the global market, among TOHO will build up a new titanium sponge production line with an annual output of 12,000 tons; ATI planned the expansion of its titanium sponge production capacity which will be divided into four chase, after the project completed the total annual output of titanium sponge will reach 18,000 tons; VSMPO plans expanding its production of titanium sponge 1.