VSPUVolgograd State Pedagogical University (Russia)
VSPUVoronezh State Pedagogical University (Russia; est. 1931)
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VSPU has only four or five full-time economics professors and several part-time instructors.
The two largest obstacles facing VSPU in its efforts to train economics teachers are the same as those facing other pedagogical institutes in Russia: money and teaching staff with thorough grounding in market economics.
VSPU is searching for innovative ways to address the teacher-training problem and has endorsed the principle of international cooperative relationships designed to increase exposure of its students and faculty to other nations' approaches to education, economics, and other disciplines.
VSPU has experienced the full spectrum of money-related woes: delays in paying faculty salaries, funding cutbacks requiring employee layoffs temporary disruptions in telephone service and related technological services, such as Internet access, and the inability to make adequate repairs to physical facilities.
The initiation of economics programs at VSPU and similar HEIs, and the continued commitment to development of teaching personnel and programs, are critical components of Russia's response to the challenges of perestroika.