VSRSVermont State Retirement System
VSRSVacuum Steam Removal System (coffee makers)
VSRSVancouver Sedative Recovery Scale
VSRSVisit Serbia Reservation Service (tourism)
VSRSVoluntary Subcontractor Registration Scheme (Hong Kong)
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The rank order of the VSRS also indicates a preference for a longer wavelength red primary; however statistical significance at [alpha] = 0.
For the older group, stimuli A, B, and D are ranked as having approximately equal brightness according to VSRS analysis.
When these three cases are evaluated with the VSRS procedure the number of subjects needed to give a 5 percent significance level was found to be 4, 22, and 111, for 2, 4 and 8 categories respectively (see appendix for calculation details).
The fact that there were two cases that did show a statistically significant difference was dismissed by the authors because for any given comparison the side-by-side and rapid sequential tests appeared to result in the same conclusions based on the VSRS statistical procedure and were therefore "comparable".
The binomial test requires correction (they employed a Bonferroni correction) when multiple comparisons are made to avoid capitalizing on chance, whereas the VSRS test is intrinsically designed for data from a collection of multiple paired-comparisons.
Berman and Clear found two comparisons, in one of the two methods, where the conclusions drawn were different than as found using the VSRS method.
For combination BC, the subjects' choice was the same (Table 6) and the VSRS tests show that they were statistically different for both evaluation modes (Fig.
Summary tables for the VSRS tests [Dunn-Rankin et al.