VSRTValley Spokesmen Racing Team (bicycling)
VSRTVirginia Society of Radiologic Technologists
VSRTVehicle Safety Research Team (Canada)
VSRTVerbal Selective Reminding Test
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We performed a simple analysis of the presence or absence of directional reading errors (right, left, below) from the Pepper VSRT and the presence or absence of scotomas in each radial from the PRL.
We administered the retinal locus characteristics and ability scales using the SLO [18], the Pepper VSRT [28,30], and the MNREAD Acuity Charts [31].
Experiment 1 showed very strong associations between scotoma placement and reading errors on the Pepper VSRT.
Another result of our research is that error scores on the Pepper VSRT are useful for determining the effect of PRL placement on text navigation.