VSSAVirginia Shooting Sports Association (Orange, VA)
VSSAVereniging Surinaamse Studenten Amsterdam (Dutch: Suriname Students’ Association Amsterdam; Netherlands)
VSSAVirginia Social Science Association
VSSAVancomycin-Susceptible Staphylococcus Aureus (microbiology)
VSSAVictorian Sabot Sailing Association (Australia)
VSSAVariant Specific Surface Antigen
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DLS, laser diffraction, AAS) that are typically employed for process control purposes or even VSSA analysis.
Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern of VSSA, VISA & VRSA VSSA (n =93) Antibiotic S (%) R(%) Amikacin 78 (83.
This agreement with Patrick Townsend and Associates is an excellent example of the growing integration of VSSA with leading solutions for enterprise computing," said Tom Secreto, CTO at Valid Technologies.
With this new strategic alliance Townsend will support VSSA biometric enablement within the entire line of Townsend solutions.
VSSA is an enterprise biometric authentication solution that leverages the power and security of IBM i5/OS.
VSSA and Valid Secure System Authentication are trademarks of Valid Technologies Inc.