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VSSEVermont Society for the Study of Education (Brandon, VT)
VSSEVital Situation, Swift Elimination (gaming)
VSSEVerband Süddeutscher Spargel- und Erdbeeranbauer (Association of South German Asparagus and Strawberry Growers)
VsseVelocity, Safe Speed Engine (speed to provide a margin against the occurrence of an unintentional stall)
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It has a wide margin of 26 knots between its low VMC (56 knots) and its VSSE (single-engine demonstration/training speed) of 82.
Request to participate - multiannual framework agreement for the purchase of supplies 9x19 mm ammunition for the benefit of the integrated police structured on two levels, from AIG and VSSE.
A little further along, the document makes provision that Cholmley should have the continuing use of a 'small tenemewte or dwellinge howse scittuate and standinge at the sowthe ende or syde of the saide parcell of grownde or garden plotte to keepe victualinge in or to putt to any other vse or vsses whatsoever'; the document goes on to explain that the house in question is 'now in the tenure of the saide John Cholmley or his assignes'.