VSSFVlaamse Ski en Snowboard Federatie
VSSFVästsvenska Simförbundet (Göteborg, Sweden)
VSSFVarmint Synthetic Stainless Fluted (Remington rifle)
VSSFvertical subsurface flow
VSSFVlaamse Studentensportfederatie vzw
VSSFVeterinary Specialists of South Florida
VSSFVictorian Solicitors Superannuation Fund (Australia)
VSSFVisited Service Switching Function
VSSFVerband Schweizer Spanplatten-Fabrikanten
VSSFvirtual Service Switching Function
VSSFVerband Schweizerischer Sprengfachleute (Germany)
VSSFVortex Series Split Flame
VSSFVästra Svealands Styrkelyftsförbund
VSSFVegetable Supply Stabilization Fund
VSSFvaginal sacrospinal fixation
VSSFVision Specific Social Functioning (ophthalmology)
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At a mass gathering of VSSF members Peacock was venerated as champion of the public service.
However, public servants, aided by the VPSA and later the VSSF, challenged the discriminatory nature of their political status.
The 1994-introduced Model 700 VSSF (Varmint Synthetic Stainless Fluted) has been a hot seller.