VSSIVerizon Select Services Inc.
VSSIVirginia Science Standards Institute (Virginia Department of Education, Office of Standards, Curriculum and Instruction)
VSSIValbruna Slater Stainless, Inc. (Indiana)
VSSIVirtual Software Systems, Inc. (Gainesville, GA)
VSSIVisser Software Services, Inc. (New York, NY)
VSSIVenezuelan Social Security Institute
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Responses on the VSSI to the lifetime helium inhalation item were used to define two mutually exclusive groups: helium users (N = 81) and nonusers (N = 642).
Chen and colleagues found good interrater and intra-rater reliability and high internal consistency for the VSSI, one of the first tools to objectively assess vaginal surgery skills.
NO use was assessed with the following three items from the VSSI inhalant assessment: "Have you ever inhaled or 'huffed' nitrous oxide ('laughing gas') through your nose or mouth in an effort to get high?