VSSSVerona Service Satisfaction Scale
VSSSVirginia Social Services System (Virginia Department of Social Services)
VSSSVersatile Seismic Sink Stand (Townshend Audio)
VSSSVanatta, Sullan, Sandgrund, Sullan & Smith PC (now Sullan, Sandgrund, Smith & Perczak PC; Colorado)
VSSSVivekananda Swasthya Seva Sangha (Indian healthcare organization)
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gordonii has never been reported as indolent prodrome with plantar pupular and rapid progressive VSSS. We present a case of a 54-year-old female with S.
Most cases present with minimal symptoms with complete recovery; others may present with a toxic shock-like syndrome known as VSSS characterized by hypotension, rash, palmar desquamation, and ARDS developing upon the onset of bacteremia in approximately 25% in the normal population [10] and in 13%--21% in children after bone marrow transplantation [18].
Despite antibiotic therapy with vancomycin, ceftriaxone, and ciprofloxacin (quinolone), our patient succumbed to the VSSS which may be due to delayed proper antibiotic use in face of the mild prodrome.
Other than scores of the checklist and role-play test, VSSS has scores on situation -specific rating and expected outcomes which are shown below as well:
Therefore, the proposed scheme satisfies the definition of strong VSSS. Meanwhile, since the vector ([w.sub.1], ..., [w.sub.k]) is linearly independent to vector (1, ..., 1), hence no information about the real master shares can be revealed in the verification phase.
Performance comparison Liu SSS [17] Zhao SSS [28] Our SSS basic model (n, t, n) VSSS (t, n) VSSS (k, t,n) VSSS Threshold Yes Yes Yes structure Adversary No Yes Yes structure Without TTPs Yes No Yes Without modular Yes No Yes Exp computation Share size [absolute (t + m - 1) 2[absolute value of S] [absolute value of S]/t value of S]/ [t.sub.2] Information rate [rho] = 1 [rho] = [rho] > [t/2] [t.sub.2]/ [t + m - 1] Pre-verification Yes No Yes property Infor.
VSSS, in which any k out of n participants also operate as dealers.
Follow-up VSSs were completed as clinically warranted.
Good ones are Spring Song from JSS and Rebel, a new and vigorous, but still open-pollinated (non-hybrid) round red variety from VSSS.
A good F2 hybrid to try is the new disease-resistant, wrinkled Tyee, sold by JSS, RHS and VSSS. Plant the large seeds an inch apart and push them well down into a sand layer atop a raised row.