VSSTVeille Stratégique Scientifique et Technologique (French)
VSSTVisual and Sensor Simulation Training
VSSTVoluntary Sector Support Team (Southampton, UK)
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The VSST Role 2 veterinary medical care includes veterinarian-directed resuscitation and stabilization and may include advanced trauma management, emergency medical procedures, and forward emergency resuscitative surgery for dogs, horses, livestock, or Navy marine mammals.
Further to providing operational and strategic benefits through increased access to accurate spatial information, the VSST system also facilitates the collection of service delivery information through its logging and auditing functions.
The success of the VSST PoC was truly realised in the achievement of the Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Award 2005.
The VSST system can provide timely spatial data to the desktop and website, at a minimal cost, avoiding time consuming data maintenance or complex system integration costs.
The VSST system provides a smart address searching engine that scans the authoritative government address databases (Vicmap Address, G-NAF and Australia Post PAF) to locate verified addresses.
Forward-Looking Statement: Statements such as "The stock market seems incredibly volatile right now, but the good news is that great tech stocks like VSST can lead the way back to more prosperous times.
Quantum3D develops and markets realtime, open-architecture, COTS IG solutions, embedded visual computing solutions and subsystems, development software and support services for the VSST and EVC markets and is the exclusive supplier of NVIDIA(R) graphics technology for the embedded military and aerospace visual computing market.