VSTLVoting System Test Laboratory
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Recommendation: To help EAC in evolving its VSTL accreditation program, the Chair of the EAC should ensure that the EAC Executive Director develops and executes plans that specify tasks, milestones, resources, and performance measures that provide for establishing and implementing practices for the VSTL accreditation program consistent with accreditation program management guidance published by NIST and GAO, including (1) documentation of specific accreditation steps and criteria to guide assessors in conducting each laboratory review; (2) transparent requirements for the qualifications of accreditation reviewers; (3) requirements for the adequate maintenance of records related to the VSTL accreditation program; and (4) requirements for determining laboratory financial stability.
TSG is likely to buy one million cotton lint produced by Ghanaian farmers for VSTL to convert it into six million yards of grey cloth.