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VSTOVisual Studio Tools for Office (Microsoft)
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The VSTO development environment has automatically generated a new instance of the dataset that we have renamed it SetulPanoului, a new object of TableAdapter type (entitled agendaTelefonicaTableAdapter) in order to manage the link between this new dataset and the AgendaTelefonica data table from the Oracle 12c database and a BindindSource object entitled agendaTelefonicaBindingSource that simplifies a lot the process of managing the link between the data source and the form's content.
The VSTO 2013 development environment offers a wide range of ribbon control objects and efficient ways to programmatically control them, facilitating the development of complex solutions for the office computer based information systems.
Visual Studio Tools for Office 2007: VSTO for Excel, Word, and Outlook, Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional, 2009, ISBN-10: 0321533216, ISBN-13: 978-0321533210
While this set of classes does not cover all observational data, it was interesting to note that as we have added data sources to the VSTO use cases, we have found these classes to capture the key and defining characteristics of a significant number of observational data holdings in solar and solar-terrestrial physics.
VSTO depends on a number of AI components and tools including background ontologies, reasoners, and--from a maintenance perspective--the semantic technology tools including ontology editors, validators, and plug-ins for code development.
VSTO has been operational since the summer of 2006.
VSTO brings a great advantage to the developer by offering him the possibility to reuse parts of the applications that he already knows, instead of developing new ones from the ground up.
VSTO 2013 makes it possible to fetch the desired information without having to copy manually data from another application.
The evolving of the Office platform and of the VSTO 2013 facilitates the integration of business data into the Office environment.
VSTO extends some of the existing objects in the Office object model, supports the Microsoft .
Afterwards, the VSTO 2005 was launched as an Add-In to Visual Studio Professional, supporting the Office versions 2003 and 2007.
Compared with other development solutions, like Apps for Office or VBA, the VSTO proves to be the best solution for the developers that want to extend or improve the Office applications.