VSTOLVertical/Short Takeoff & Landing
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However, initial reports on the 16DDH design, funded in the 2004 Japanese Defense Budget, show that it will have the capability to carry 13-17 VSTOL aircraft.
Finally, "off the shelf" aircraft, including helicopters, CTOL, and VSTOL, already exist that are known to work with the design and have been deployed aboard the Varyag's sister ship, Admiral Kuznetzov.
The Chinese, no doubt, are closely watching Indian efforts at purchasing and eventually operationalizing the former Soviet Kiev-class VSTOL carrier Admiral Gorshkov.
INCAT has reportedly proposed a "multifunction" VSTOL and helicopter ship for the Royal Australian Navy.
the Chief of Staff and Secretary of the Air Force, respectively, and had opposed the VSTOL LIT course, promoting a new STOL aircraft to replace the C-130.
The final report recommended the Air Force procure an off-the-shelf STOL to address the immediate replacement of the C-7 and C-123 (the Army's interest), continue the VSTOL as a research and development program (favored by the Air Staff), and develop the STOL (TAC's request), with greater payload and operational capability than the existing C-130.
Decoy aircraft and emitters simulating operations could be an important factor in increasing the survivability of forward-based VSTOL aircraft.
Their work in aerospace and defense has involved dynamic analysis, flight control system design, and flying qualities of fighters, transports, VSTOL, rotorcraft, the space shuttle, rockets, and missiles.
Moreover, China possesses no VSTOL aircraft that could operate from the carriers as they are now configured.
1127 was designed to prove the validity of VSTOL and was not intended for operational service.
There appears to have been a suspicion amongst senior officers that a capable, supersonic VSTOL aircraft might have allowed a cost-conscious government to abandon a then-projected carrier design (known as the CVA-01) and replace it with smaller ships that could operate VSTOL air wings.
A carrier with a displacement closer to 40,000 tons would be capable of operating a modest number of VSTOL (vertical/short takeoff and landing) aircraft, but would not likely be able to operate CTOL (conventional takeoff and landing) airplanes.