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VSWVirtual Services Worldwide (Atlanta, GA)
VSWVery Short Wave
VSWVanderbilt Sports Weekly
VSWVillage Safe Water (Program, Alaska)
VSWVideo Switch
VSWVirtual Switch Controller (Cisco)
VSWVisual Studies Workshop (Rochester, NY)
VSWVery Shallow Water
VSWVertical Sliding Wedge (artillery breechblock)
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The training is geared toward transportation professionals responsible for overseeing the asset management of highway infrastructure, the development and review of annual planning for VSW enforcement and Federal certification, and commercial motor VSW enforcement.
A primary goal of the VSW program is to improve public health and compliance with environmental laws by upgrading the level of sanitation facilities in rural communities.
The VSW program then makes recommendations to the governor of Alaska, who takes those recommendations to the Legislature.
Griffith states that the VSW program creates a large amount of jobs within rural communities in Alaska.
i) a pro-rata distribution of shares of Common Stock of VSW owned by the Trust (the "Stock Distribution").
ii) the cash amount to be paid by VSW (the "Fractional Cash Amount"), in lieu of issuing fractional shares, to each Holder otherwise entitled to receive fractional shares of VSW Common Stock, in an amount equal to $5,334.
Pursuant to an agreement between VSW and the Trust, VSW has agreed to make certain quarterly information rights available to recipients of whole shares in the Stock Distribution and any transferees thereof, upon their request.
This technology allows VSW to serve the most relevant search results and highly targeted ads for advertisers and publishers in key content areas.
Users can experience VSW Search[TM], a targeted vertical search engine, on the Web sites of major online content producers in the Food, Home & Garden, Weddings, Family and Entertainment industries.
The final distribution, consisting of payment of the cash distribution, the fractional cash amount, the placement of the VSW whole shares in trust (and the related distribution of units in the trust) and the right to receive any excess in the contingency reserve, is in complete cancellation of the Class A Common Stock.
TowerGroup believes that by reallocating funds from existing marketing, advertising, and R&D budgets, financial organizations can put themselves at the forefront of the emerging MMORPG / VSW market.