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This dual capability enables the HYPER VSX Series air-conditioners to easily accommodate, in terms of both technical aspects and costs, changes in system usage that may occur after installation: for example, changes to specific room needs resulting from remodeling of the premises, etc.
The HYPER VSX Series features three functions effective for demand-controlled operation.
Unlike other SCCP video solutions which require video hardware to be exchanged, the Polycom SCCP solution is available as a software upgrade, and is free of charge to customers with VSX products currently covered under a Polycom VSX service contract.
With Cisco Technology Developer Program member offerings such as Polycom's new SCCP versions of the VSX video platform, customers can deploy a broad range of business solutions that foster innovation and drive rapid adoption of business-critical technologies, in this case by making video as simple as making a phone call.
VPN-1/FireWall-1 VSX is the only solution that supports multi-platform implementations with multi-gigabit performance available on leading carrier-class platforms, including open servers and dedicated "Secured by Check Point" network platforms.
The VSX petrol is sporty with a snappy gear change and the 2-litre 16- valve engine producing 135bhp at 5500rpm.
The turbo-diesel Xantia VSX was amazingly quiet for its day.
Polycom Inc (Nasdaq: PLCM), a provider of unified collaborative communications products has revealed new software for its Polycom VSX line of video conferencing products.
According to the company, the Polycom VSX Release 7.
Communications solutions supplier Polycom Inc (Nasdaq: PLCM) has announced the upcoming availability of its Polycom VSX 8000 series videoconferencing system.
The Polycom VSX 8000 series is based on the company's VSX architecture, is rack-mountable and ships with VSX software Release 7.
Based on the company's VSX 7000 and VSX 8000 video communication platforms, they help create a seamless environment for rich media collaboration.