VT1Verocytotoxin 1 (pathology)
VT1Verotoxin Type 1
VT1Ventilation Threshold 1
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VT1 was determined as the point at which a loss of linearity occurred between oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide production, identified when the ventilatory equivalent for oxygen and end-tidal oxygen partial pressure curves reached their minimum values and began to systematically increase.
Besides the surveillance radar, which gives the Ades a stand-alone capacity, the turret is also equipped with a day/night stabilised panoramic sight to ensure surveillance in case of heavy electronic countermeasures environment, a 3D I/J Band tracking radar with a 30-km-range capable of tracking both target and missile, which together with the uplink ensures the VT1 radar guidance, a laser guidance system being provided both for laser-guided VT1s, LMMs and Starstreaks.
The NG version uses the VT1 missile developed by LTV.
Contract award: Supply, installation, commissioning and trial operation of exhaust extraction systems for the new FIBA in Ulm on the tracks URA, VT1, VT2, VT3.
A non-consumable electrode of 60 mm diameter was made from the VT1 commercial titanium.
Sales more than doubled to just under $8 million reflecting new orders for the Maverick Missile, and the restart of production on the TOW Missile and VT1.
Consumable electrodes of 50 mm diameter, made from commercial titanium VT1, were remelted into 80 mm diameter ingots.
Their solution can provide carriers with obvious economic and lifecycle advantages over traditional DCS and ADM solutions, especially given its ability to natively groom from VT1.
The enhanced OC-3 interfaces, which feature support for both VT1.
EdgeLinkSTS/T1 also supports the feature of intermediate performance management, which allows users the ability to see the end-to-end performance of VT1.