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VT100Virtual Terminal 100 (Digital Equipment Corporation)
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Smarterm 125 emulates the VT50, VT100, VT125, and a few other Digital Equipment Corp.
ZTE s VT100 mobile and desktop products can be installed on devices with Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems, supporting high-quality video conferencing for teleworkers in remote locations.
platform that features automated, one-touch testing for many applications through its touchscreen GUI, provides VT100 emulation, and incorporates advanced low-power technology to maximize the life of its field-replaceable battery.
Many library systems still rely on VT100 terminals for public access because of their low cost and low maintenance.
It is accessible from any terminal or personal computer with VT100 terminal emulation; telecommunication options include the Internet, SprintNet, and direct dial.
Sendum served as the system integrator and supplied a customized version of its Sendum VT100 tracking hardware, and Bulldog Technologies supplied its MiniBoss firmware and Bosstrak software applications for remote surveillance, tracking and Geofencing operations, in addition to security gateway applications, software routers, a database application and user-friendly web interfaces.
Its intuitive VT100 terminal interfaces allow direct or remote connectivity via internal modem or Telnet.
This gateway to the Internet via ToxGopher provides access for TOXNET users who are emulating a VT100 terminal.
Electronics Letters Online will also be available with a command-driven ASCII user interface that runs on a terminal or PC with software emulating a VT100 terminal.
9 include enhanced mainframe support for Telnet, TN3270, TN5250 and VT100 "green screen" environments.