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VT100Virtual Terminal 100 (Digital Equipment Corporation)
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The 9135G is an intelligent fiber-optic edge device used at the customer premises to terminate Gigabit Ethernet service that fully supports in-band SNMP network management and out-of-band management for VT100 and SLIP via individual terminal and modem ports.
In addition to the Linux console mode, CRT provides VT100, VT102, VT220, ANSI, and SCO ANSI emulation's.
Smarterm 125 emulates the VT50, VT100, VT125, and a few other Digital Equipment Corp.
The Indian Tablet Market has been evolving since the introduction of the Android based 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Olive Pad VT100 in October 2010.
platform that features automated, one-touch testing for many applications through its touchscreen GUI, provides VT100 emulation, and incorporates advanced low-power technology to maximize the life of its field-replaceable battery.
Sendum served as the system integrator and supplied a customized version of its Sendum VT100 tracking hardware, and Bulldog Technologies supplied its MiniBoss firmware and Bosstrak software applications for remote surveillance, tracking and Geofencing operations, in addition to security gateway applications, software routers, a database application and user-friendly web interfaces.
Its intuitive VT100 terminal interfaces allow direct or remote connectivity via internal modem or Telnet.