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VT220A Specific Kind of Virtual Terminal
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WaveLink also delivers a complete set of terminal emulation products supporting such emulation types as 5250, 3270, VT100, VT220, and HP700/92.
Both products are offered for single platform (UNIX, IBM, or HP) usage, while the Suite offers one package that provides full connectivity (3270, 5250, VT220, etc.
The solutions that Symbol is providing are based on VT220 and HTML and will run on most industry-standard wireless LAN devices.
ActiveBridge TelnetCE includes terminal emulation for VT100, VT220, 3270, and 5250 via TCP/IP.
The product provides advanced connectivity for today's most widely used emulation types, including 5250, 3270, VT220, and VT100.
The standard built in modules provide superior VT52, VT100 and VT220 emulation.