VTAIVeterinary Technician Association of Illinois (Aurora, IL)
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9%) agreed that they felt that they had contributed more to the VTAI than other team members.
Responses indicated a mixed reaction to the VTAI with one student stating, 'the VTAI concept is excellent for external students and I hope that it is developed further and continues', while another student stated, this was the least enjoyable assignment of all my courses'.
The main issues identified by respondents in terms of what they liked most about the VTAI included:
The major issue identified by respondents in terms of what they liked least about the VTAI were:
However, four students stated that the assessment item did not need any improvement with one student stating, 'the VTAI is well structured and is a good idea Finally, students were given an opportunity to make any other comments concerning the VTAI.
During the semester, the teaching team had closely monitored the VTAI process and associated discussions, and had observed that while some groups functioned well and seemed to enjoy the task, other groups experienced quite a number of problems.
However, due to the potential cognitive and social learning outcomes of the VTAI and the important graduate skills that can be gained, students should be actively encouraged to work in a virtual team.
However, these pacing strategies and scaffolding of the team activities may place a greater workload on the teacher during the operation of the VTAI.