VTCOVoltage Temperature Cutoff (rechargable batteries)
VTCOVirtual Technology Corp. OTCBB (Over the Counter Bulletin Board; Minnesota)
VTCOVocational Training Council Ordinance (Hong Kong)
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VTCO provides a turnkey storefront for any company's website with a shopping cart and expansive product offering as well as inventory, delivery, and credit card transaction processing services.
VTCO has reciprocal links with many online affiliates and uses banner advertising and participation in both newsgroups and price engines to continuously enhance its Internet visibility.
After the GTI acquisition, Stockreporter believes that VTCO has positioned itself to compete in the marketplace against other major companies, including:
In addition to superior management and an impeccable industry reputation, VTCO is focused on forming strategic alliances with established Internet companies and thereby penetrating the market, releasing new products, and launching new services.
The States of New Mexico and Indiana have also implemented a similar program with VTCO.
Identifying products and services in great demand within the buying segment -- Quickly supplying those high-demand products at competitive price levels -- Standing behind its products with quality service, support, and warranties -- Providing unique added value to distinguish VTCO from the competition In meeting these objectives, the Company found its web-based business migrating to a vertical portal that enables Virtual Technology's shoppers to have instant access to technology, books, music, and the latest multimedia and office supplies with just one click.