VTEPVocational Technical Education Providers (Alaska)
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SETU VTEP is designed to interface ISDN PRI and VoIP networks in small enterprises and small-scale call centers.
With the offered reliability and performance of SETU VTEP, the productivity is bound to enhance multi-fold.
In addition, because the VTEP sensor does not exert pressure on the PCB, the strain caused by multiple pogo-pin test fixtures is avoided.
The VTEP sensor, which capacitively picks up stimulus signals, is placed on the component to be tested (e.
ICT system providers also have been increasing their native boundary scan capability via vectorless powered tests, which integrate vectorless testing technologies such as VTEP and boundary scan testing to increase test coverage on connectors, sockets and non-boundary scan devices.
Similar to the upgrade from TestJet to VTEP, the change from VTEP to iVTEP improves the capacitance measurement sensitivity to well under 5 fF, but in this case depends only on enhanced software algorithms.
With Cover-Extend, the onboard boundary scan devices drive a stimulus into the device-under-test (DUT) for the VTEP sensor plates, which pick up the capacitive signals, thereby detecting faults.
Test effectiveness and coverage on the i1000 is enhanced with Medalist VTEP v2.
Unlike traditional VTEP test, which requires physical test points on the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) for the injection of test stimulus signals, Agilent's Cover-Extend relies on stimulus provided by Boundary Scan cells, which do not require physical test points.
This technology builds on previous Agilent innovations in ICT such as VTEP v2.
We've also made vast improvements on the throughput and have achieved unprecedented coverage with VTEP v2.
With the original VTEP technology as its core and strengthened by key innovations like our award-winning iVTEP and the new Network Parameter Measurement technology, VTEP v2.