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VTGVariable Turbine Geometry (turbochargers)
VTGVicksburg Theatre Guild (Vicksburg, MS)
VTGVoice Technologies Group, Inc. (Dialogic/Intel acquisition; Buffalo NY, USA)
VTGVariable Time Gap
VTGVendor Technical Guidance
VTGVolume of Trapped Gas (respiration)
VTGVagabond Theatre Group (Boston, MA)
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A highly significant and positive correlation was also observed between the Vtg concentration in the hemolymph and the theoretical oocyte diameter (r = 0.
A small section of each liver was placed in RNAlater (Qiagen, Valencia, CA, USA) and stored at-80[degrees]C for analysis of vtg expression as described below.
We analyzed VTG using a heterologous competitive ELISA developed for bluegill, Lepomis macrochirus (Cheek et al.
However, recent research in the UK indicates increased VTG levels in male winter flounder not only in estuaries which received treated sewage effluent, but also along and away from the coastline (Allen et al.
With the pressure ([DELTA]PA) and volume ([DELTA]VA) changes recorded during plethysmographic maneuver, the equation used for determining VTG becomes:
Frank Laurich, Media Relations of VTG AG, +49-40-2354-1343
Plasma Vtg was at or very near the detection limit of the assay for all fish sampled in the estuary and Bonneville (Figure 5).
The day's biggest blue chip risers were Schroders VTG up 57p to 929p, Schroders non-VTG up 50p to 871p, Drax 28p higher to 972.
Our previous work has shown that exposure of roach to an estrogenic WwTW effluent during early life [50-150 days posthatch (dph)] induced VTG synthesis and gonadal duct disruption (feminization) but not the simultaneous presence of male and female germ cells in the same gonad (Rodgers-Gray et al.
Automated C3 calibration - Video wall calibration aided by a wizard - User-friendly interface - Compatibility with sensors from various manufacturers - Analysis and reporting functions - Compatibility with the relevant test picture DVDs such as AVIA, Video-Essentials or Peter Finzel's reference DVD - Compatibility with several signal generators such as Accupel HDG-300, Extron VTG 200, Extron VTG300.
VTG double-edge insert styles include two geometries and two new carbide grades.