VTHVeterinary Teaching Hospital (various universities)
VthThreshold Voltage
VTHVerband der Teigwarenhersteller und Hartweizenmühlen Deutschlands (Berlin, Germany)
VTHVeterans Transition House (New Bedford, MA)
VTHVibration Time History
VTHVirtual Tape Handler
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VTH comes with a "Content Asset Manager", user registration, and built-in conversion engine.
VTH attendance does not require any complex audience downloads, desktop installation or calling to a VoIP center, while listening to and participating in a presentation in a conversational format.
HEXA2 VTH is fundamentally designed to include exclusive features that provide intuitive functions for the moderator and control audience interactively.
HEXA2 VTH is ideal for production houses, TV Studios, Shows, event promoters, corporate group meetings and online auctions.