VTHCVictorian Trades Hall Council ( Melbourne, Australia)
VTHCVast Technologies Holding Corporation
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These records were supplemented by the affiliation records of the VTHC and the TTLC.
54) Whilst Waddington was able to access information pertaining to the occurrence of union breakaways from the same source from which he obtained records of registration, deregistration, and merger, namely the Employment Department, it was not possible, in the Australian context, to collect the necessary information from the registration records of the Industrial Registrars, nor the affiliation records of the VTHC or TTLC.
Membership numbers for state unions operating in NSW, WA and Queensland were again taken from the published and unpublished records of the relevant industrial registrars and the affiliation records of the VTHC, whilst similar data for unions operating in South Australia and Tasmania proved, despite exhaustive efforts, difficult to obtain.