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VTKVisualization Toolkit
VTKVampyres.tk (website)
VTKVlaamse Technische Kring (Flemish Technical Circle; student organisation)
VTKVirtual Tool Kit (Virtual Battlespace 2; game)
VTKVertical Track Distance
VTKVision Technologies Kinetics, Inc. (Alexandria, VA)
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In VTK programming environment, there are four types of coordinate systems which are model, world, view and display.
VTK Import for KeyCreator - Visualization Toolkit VTK file import add-in
In January, VTK went one step further and celebrated Tea Month, offering high teas on Saturdays and blend-your-own tea tables on Tuesdays, when tea leaf readers were available to guests.
Each rendering node has a PCI Express interface to a Nvidia FX3400 high performance graphics card and contains visualization packages such as Chromium, CEI Ensight, VTK and Paraview.
He has also played for Toronto and Hungarian side Diosgyori VTK, and his bizarre journey will surely make some of the English players on the PFA's free agents list sit up and take a reality check.
It uses the VTK (Visualization Toolkit) classes of Octave to draw commonly used 3D graphs, such as 3D surface, contours or 3D mesh using OpenGL library.
It has also licensed the ARM VTK software for acceleration of non-Jazelle technology-enabled ARM platforms.
Symbian will provide licensees with an OEM Customization Kit (OCK) and Software Development Kit (SDK) that will include both the ARM JTEK and VTK software.
Voicetek's products and services include: Generations, an object-oriented graphical platform for the development and deployment of enhanced customer services; the VTK family of highly scalable telephony servers; MaxReach, an integrated suite of AIN-based services; and custom applications development and support.