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VTKVisualization Toolkit
VTKVampyres.tk (website)
VTKVlaamse Technische Kring (Flemish Technical Circle; student organisation)
VTKVirtual Tool Kit (Virtual Battlespace 2; game)
VTKVertical Track Distance
VTKVision Technologies Kinetics, Inc. (Alexandria, VA)
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Se construyo un software de manejo utilizando como motor grafico la herramienta VTK, donde se tiene un cubo y, en el interior de este, un cursor virtual, movido por el usuario.
Figure 6(g) shows the 3D liver volume reconstructed by using surface rendering algorithms in VTK.
The program reads the script, translates it and generates the objects in the memory, which constitute the visualization pipeline for the problem following the VTK approach.
Tem sido desenvolvido por MeVis Research, GmbH, Alemanha, e utilizam as bibliotecas VTK Visualization Toolkit (Schroeder, Geveci & Malaterre 1992) para obter o modelo.
In VTK programming environment, there are four types of coordinate systems which are model, world, view and display.
Capability: Visualization Toolkit VTK files are open-source plug-ins for Alibre Design, AutoCAD, and Solid Ecge.
The add-ins will allow for direct communication between KeyCreator and data files such as Rhinoceros 3DM, 3D Studio 3DS, Sketchup SKP and Visualization Toolkit VTK.
VTK eliminates the need for physical queuing and increases convenience with the next-generation iPad version.
The Protocol was possible due to the synergy of VTK B&H and the Ministry of Communications and Transport of B&H.
A list of teas is presented to patrons along with the dessert menu at the restaurant, also known as VTK.
He has also played for Toronto and Hungarian side Diosgyori VTK, and his bizarre journey will surely make some of the English players on the PFA's free agents list sit up and take a reality check.