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VTLVirtual Tape Library
VTLVertical Turret Lathe
VTLVehicle and Traffic Law (New York state)
VTLVelocity Template Language
VTLView Template Library
VTLVariable Threshold Logic
VTLVerification Tracking Log
VTLVertriebsleiter (German: Sales Manager)
VTLVideotape Library
VTLVertical Tandem Lift
VTLVerification Test Laboratory
VTLVirtual Technology Leasing (Fort Myers, FL)
VTLVertical Transfer Lift
VTLVocal Tract Length
VTLVysoky Tlak (Czech: High Pressure)
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Global asset management company OppenheimerFunds has agreed to acquire VTL Associates, Llc (VTL), an independent institutional investment firm specialising in RevenueShares exchange traded funds (ETFs).
VTL, which maKes precision-engineered parts for car manufacturers including Renault, Nissan and Toyota, will explain how apprentices are worKing for them at "Apprenticeships Made Easy", which taKes place on Friday at the offices of law firm ChadwicK Lawrence, Railway Street, Huddersfield.
Meanwhile, VTL guaranteed issue limits (and overall benefit maximums) have been increasing as industry experience continues to be favorable.
Arkeia solution embeds its own optimised disk-based virtual tape library (VTL), but can also store backup files in any third-party VTL that respects iSCSI, SAS, SCSI or Fibre Channel standards.
For resellers, there are several good reasons to sell VTL technology:
Halifax-based VTL Group bought Huddersfield company Taylor &Whiteley Ltd.
VTL uses the Palm OS-based system primarily for electronic bills of lading and reliable real-time text messaging.
VTL applies a proprietary methodology to screen and weight the stocks in each ETF according to various factors such as revenue or dividends, instead of by market capitalization.
BGF, an independent company set up to help Britain's growing businesses, has also taKen a minority staKe in VTL and a seat on its board of directors.
VTL vendors are also working to refine search and recovery capabilities, which are driven by discovery costs and the need to restore individual files in case of inadvertent deletion.
Preserving the investment in backup policy, the DSI9000 VTL leverage high speed RAID disk arrays to provision virtual tape drives to backup servers that are attached to either an iSCSI/IP or FC storage area network (SAN).
DSI established a channel partner agreement with HelpSystems whereby DSI is integrating HelpSystems media management software, Robot/SAVE, with its VTL storage technology to provide iSeries customers with the virtualized storage solution.