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VTLVirtual Tape Library
VTLVertical Turret Lathe
VTLVehicle and Traffic Law (New York state)
VTLVelocity Template Language
VTLView Template Library
VTLVariable Threshold Logic
VTLVerification Tracking Log
VTLVertriebsleiter (German: Sales Manager)
VTLVideotape Library
VTLVertical Tandem Lift
VTLVerification Test Laboratory
VTLVirtual Technology Leasing (Fort Myers, FL)
VTLVertical Transfer Lift
VTLVocal Tract Length
VTLVysoky Tlak (Czech: High Pressure)
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RBC Capital Markets served as financial advisor and Metz Lewis Brodman Must O'Keefe as legal counsel to VTL.
INCENTIVES: Khan, leader of VTL began its apprenticeship scheme in 2006 and currently has 12 apprentices worKing in a variety of roles.
VTL technology is beneficial to customers in a wide range of industries and vertical markets.
VTL Group also owns VTL Automotive (VTLA), which makes gearbox components, supplying major manufacturers including Renault, Nissan and Toyota, while TWL makes parts primarily for turbochargers used in the commercial diesel engine market but also machined parts for the industrial sector.
We have achieved significant efficiencies with our fleet since installing OSB and PDT-100 units on VTL trucks," said Larry Burn, president of VTL Trucking.
Bruno Jouan, chief executive of VTL, said: "Engineering firms such as VTL have a the power to drive the UK economy for many f years to come, provided that we continue to inven st appropriately in research and development, new products and highly sKilled people.
Since VTLs are a non-disruptive technology, businesses can replace their physical tape library with a VTL and experience significantly greater backup and recovery speeds plus the ability to keep tape online.
The SKT21V inverted VTL works on the principle that an inverted-part VTL takes advantage of gravity to allow chips to fall down and away into the chip box.
In addition, the DSI9000 VTL family is ideal for users considering either iSCSI/IP or Fibre Channel (FC) solutions, and seamlessly integrates into any existing storage network -- with standard features that allow a user to copy directly to backend tape and optional features that provide data de-duplication, encryption and replication functionality.
The total length of the pipeline is approximately 164 km VTL and starts in an existing node and an underground gas reservoir Strachocina (Republic of Poland), border crossing in the Lupkovskho pass.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 10, 2015-OppenheimerFunds to Buy Smart Beta ETF Specialist VTL