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Conflict between the OBU and AFL reflected earlier tensions, but also a notable rift between VTLC leaders and a majority of delegates.
68) Kavanagh, the keynote speaker, said that if the 40 crafts represented at the VTLC "cut loose of the International," the workers would have better opportunities.
The VTLC and Metal Trades Council had formed a standing committee with representatives of the Great War Veterans Association and Comrades of the Great War, a move unanimously approved at a mass meeting of soldiers and sailors.
On 21 May, at a meeting attended by OBU central committee member Joe Knight, the VTLC received a telegram from Calgary announcing a mass meeting "to arrange for a strike vote of all locals on Winnipeg situation, requesting this council to take action.
Joe Taylor, an avowed industrial unionist and OBU proponent, resigned as VTLC vice-president, to serve as president of the ILA'S Pacific Coast District with headquarters in Seattle.
When the VTLC learned that Vancouver workers had voted 3305 to 2499 to strike--prompting a month-long walkout--delegates referred the question to the Strike Committee.
On 30 June, six plainclothes RNWMP officers raided the Victoria homes of BCFL vice-president Joe Taylor and VTLC president Eugene Woodward, and targeted the local headquarters of the SPC, striking longshoremen's union, and labour's Semi-Weekly Tribune, seizing a quantity of paper work.
Former TLC president James Watters, now a delegate from the Carpenters' union, moved that the VTLC endorse the OBU constitution.
On 27 August the VTLC executive met with AFL envoy Alf Farmilo, "with a view to ascertaining the situation in this City respecting secession from the Int.
158) Woodward was critical of the Congress proceedings, informing VTLC delegates that the distribution of a 'ticket' prior to executive elections "produced an impression of a "Machine" being operated .
The VTLC filed unread a request from the BC Defense Committee for funds to aid in Bob Russell's appeal to the Privy Council.
On 1 May 1920, two events took place in Victoria: a mass meeting organized by the VTLC, and a social organized by the OBU.