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VTLSVisionary Technology in Library Solutions (Blacksburg, Virginia)
VTLSVirginia Tech Library Systems, Inc.
VTLSVirtual Technology in Library Solutions
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The Legislative Librarian's leadership paved the way for Nunavut Arctic College, GN Department of Justice and Nunavut Public Library Services to become partners after the VTLS system was selected.
The four VTLS partners worked with the Department of Culture, Language, Elders and Youth to create a territorial standard wordlist of cataloguing terminology in Inuktitut; this allows for easy copy cataloguing.
USQ will deliver on a fortnightly basis, the VTLS marc records tape on the first and third weeks in the month and the boxes of library items on the following second and fourth weeks in the month unless otherwise agreed between the USQ Acquisitions Librarian (or nominee), USQ Campus Librarian and HBCC Technical Services Librarian.
This is a one-off payment to assist with the reconciliation of the imported VTLS records from 1997.
Participants spoke of the advantages of using VTLS, which include its user-friendliness, and its integrated functionality, which covers OPAC, cataloguing, acquisitions, serials, circulation and reporting.
Furthermore, representatives of the Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research also delivered a presentation encouraging participants to form a 'Virtua Users Forum', which would allow for a continuous and more fluid exchange of ideas and feedback with regard to VTLS.
The products of six manufacturers of library RFID systems are available in India through their business associates: Bibliotheca, Checkpoint, ID Systems, 3M, X-ident technology GmbH represented by Infotek software and systems in India and TAGSYS--the last represented by Tech Logic, Vernon, Libsys in India and VTLS.
Virtua ILS, which HP is scheduled to implement at HKPL in 2011, is a Unicode-compliant offering from VTLS Inc.