VTOAVoice and Telephony Over ATM
VTOAVictorian Tourism Operators Association (Australia)
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This request, however, died in the legislature's private bills committee owing to opposition from the VTOA and Liberal and CCF concerns that the bylaw would eventually create a monopoly controlled by a single corporation.
As Emmett Sinnott and Paul Tennant have already discussed the postwar manoeuvring in detail, it suffices here to note that the local taxi industry was once again united; the VTOA then claimed "that it represented more than 90 percent of the city's cabs.
The UniPorte architecture's ability to process dial-up and packet traffic makes it possible to build access equipment like VTOA gateways that bridge the gap between the PSTN and packet networks.
The MTN1000 is a palm-sized module that performs all the voice and packet processing functions required for a VTOA gateway.
The "AudioCoded" modules convert PCM into low bit rate packetized voice over IP or VTOA (Voice Trunking Over ATM).