VUAVrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Dutch University; Netherlands)
VUAValorous Unit Award
VUAVehicle Use Area (zoning term)
VUAV5.2 User Adaptation (internet protocol integration)
VUAVolks Universiteit Amersfoort (Dutch: Folk University Amersfoort; Amersfoort, Netherlands)
VUAVery Us Artists (music and art program)
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3,8,15] After radical prostatectomy specimens were collected in an Endo Catch bag (Covidien, Norwalk, CT), the posterior reconstruction and VUA were performed.
Once the PR was complete, the same left arm of the interlocked suture began the VUA starting with a 6-o'clock, out-side-in, transmural bite of the bladder followed by an inside-out bite of the posterior urethra.
Intraoperative adverse events (shearing of urethra or bladder neck, need for revision of VUA tension or placement of additional sutures) and postoperative complications (development of postoperative retention following catheter removal on postoperative day 4 to 5, urinoma formation and anastomotic strictures) were recorded.
All VUA reconstructions were completely by the console surgeon independently, without any laparoscopic aid from the bed-side assistant.
Particular to the VUA, surgeons in their early learning experience may only get to this step after several hours on the console, by which time they may be fatigued and result in suboptimal closure.
In their initial experience, VUA times ranged from 14 to 80 minutes.
Modifications of VUA technique to avoid slippage have been described, including assistant suture holding between bites, readjusting previous bites and the use of Lapra-Ty clips.
Similar to the outcomes noted by others using barbed VUA suture, we observed a more time-efficient reconstruction.