VUDVerband der Unterhaltungssoftware Deutschland
VUDVerlag und Druck (German: Publishing and Printing; media company; Germany)
VUDVideo-Urodynamic (urological diagnostics)
VUDVoluntary Unrelated Donor (medical care)
VUDVerein Unternehmens-Datenschutz (Swiss Business Data Protection Association)
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Regarding the influence of WTD on other more specific domains, Figure 2 shows that in knowledge to a broader care, the WTD influences the VUD and, in turn, in practical and theoretical domains for care to people with this type of injury.
Given the above, it is concluded that a broader learning aids in the VUD construct, consolidated through the PKD and TKD, which influence each other concomitantly, and that knowledge, in which the broader knowledge is the basis for a more specific understanding, is developed hierarchically and refers to reconciliation between significant similarities and differences, important elements of safe care.
In general, with regard to the relationship between the variables, it can be said that the proper knowledge on a WTD will probably allow a larger VUD and better knowledge and administration in NCPVU.
Notes: NCPVU = Nursing Care to the Person with Venous Ulcer; PKD = Practical Knowledge Domain; TKD = Theoretical Knowledge Domain; VUD = Venous Ulcers Domain; WTD = Wound Treatment Domain.
As for the method of organizing a large number of end-users to form a P2P overlay, we considered using the existing VUD method [20].
p2p]) that can be offered for SN using VUD method; Line24.
p2p] depends on the prediction accuracy and the effectiveness of the VUD policy, with [C.