VUFVoksen Uddannelsescenter Frederiksberg (Danish: Adult Learning Center of Frederiksberg; Denmark)
VUFVesico-Uterine Fistula
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Jozwik et al classified VUF cases according to menstruation status in 2000.
VUF diagnosis is not difficult; it is often accomplished by a combination of symptoms and patient history.
En este caso se grafica la corriente de secuencia negativa en funcion del VUF expresado en porcentaje.
Se aprecia que existe una relacion aproximadamente lineal entre el factor de desequilibrio de tensiones VUF y la corriente de secuencia negativa.
Desde el punto de vista operativo, la aplicacion de los resultados obtenidos se puede hacer con base en el conocimiento que se tenga sobre los parametros del circuito equivalente del motor; se puede reemplazar el segundo experimento por un modelo que permita predecir la componente de corriente de secuencia negativa debido al VUF y la ocasionada por asimetria inherente del motor.
Currently, the main cause of VUF is an iatrogenic injury during Cesarean section which accounts for 83-88% of cases.
Patients with VUF can have various clinical presentations.
There are multiple means of investigation for VUF and several examinations may be required to confirm the diagnostic.
Treatment options for VUF include conservative, medical or surgical treatment.
Surgical repair of VUF are performed by different approaches, which include vaginal, transvesical, transperitoneal and laparoscopic or robotic procedures.
In contrast to what is currently established in the literature, we recommend early surgical treatment of VUF for selected patients with urinary leakage and/or important discomfort, even though there is a 5% chance of spontaneous closure of the fistula.
The subjects for earlier repair of VUF must be chosen properly and patients should be offered all the possible treatment options.