VUIT-2Video from Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Interoperability Teaming - Level 2
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The Army has requested funding for an additional nine battalions to be equipped with the VUIT-2 systems
The VUIT-2 gives the crews "level 2" control of the UAVs.
Meanwhile, the VUIT-2 system will undergo some small improvements.
The Apache VUIT-2 system receives streaming battlefield video and metadata from unmanned aerial systems and displays it on the cockpit multi-purpose displays.
Alan Chinoda, International Business Development, Director, Rotary Wing Sensors and Missiles Learn how the Apache VUIT-2 is leading the way in manned -- unmanned teaming of rotary wing aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Systems by allowing streaming video and metadata from currently fielded Unmanned Aerial Systems to be received by the Apache and displayed on its multi-function displays in the cockpit.