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VULVariable Universal Life
VULVulnerability (unit)
VULVéhicules Utilitaires Légers (French: Light Commercial Vehicles)
VULVancouver Ultimate League (recreational organization; est. 1986; Canada)
VULValhalla Uranium Limited (Australia)
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The VUL product line is the only one in the LIMRA second-quarter summary table that shows a policy count increase.
By expanding the John Hancock Vitality offerings to include Protection VUL, we can help many more consumers better prepare for the future, while also supporting them as they take steps to lead longer, healthier lives, said Tingle.
The ability to direct premiums, after insurance costs, into a stabilized account can help soften the impact of volatility on that portion of the VUL policy cash value, calming policyowners' nerves and helping improve the potential for long-term returns.
VUL policyowners receive periodic reports that explicitly show mortality and expense charges and changes in the investment value of their accounts.
If, as an alternative to the assumption of constant investment returns, a VUL illustration were calculated on the basis of historic market returns, some very interesting realities come to light.
On VUL policies, the credited rate of return is whatever the underlying investment yields.
Personally, I think that VUL is better than the traditional ones because the investment component can be invested according to your objectives and risk tolerances.
If VL and VUL policyowners select a portfolio of investments within their policies that are similar to the equity index used in an IUL equity-indexed interest crediting formula, they can expect investment performance and cash value accumulations to be at least as great as, and generally greater than, that for the IUL policy when equity markets are up.
In addition to offering clients an income tax-free death benefit and more than 80 market-driven variable investment options from the Lincoln Elite Series of Funds for maximum growth potential, Lincoln AssetEdge VUL now offers three indexed accounts for moderate growth potential with guaranteed downside protection, and a fixed account for more conservative, predictable growth.
New variable universal life (VUL) premium revenue increased 3%, but the number of VUL policies sold fell 11%, and the total amount of VUL face amount sold fell 5%.
The new policy, called VUL Protector[SM], offers 13 asset allocation investment options including a money market account and fixed rate option.