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VUVVanuatu Vatu (ISO currency code)
VUVVacuum Ultraviolet
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Figure 6 represents the quantum efficiencies of PMT, Si-PD and some gas-type photodetectors for vacuum ultra-violet (VUV) detections.
Mahiou, "Synthesis, structural characterization and VUV excited luminescence properties of [Li.sub.x][Na.sub.(1-x)]Sm[(P[O.sub.3]).sub.4] polyphosphates," Optical Materials, vol.
The new VUV coated mirrors provide optimized reflection from 120 nm to LWIR.
The increase of efficiency with increasing residence time tends to be logarithmic, and faster increase was observed with PCO using ozone-generating vacuum UV (VUV) lamps due to additional oxidation by ozone.
Photolysis of water using vacuum ultraviolet light (VUV, l < 200nm) is another means to generate hydroxyl radicals.
McPherson offers extended-lifetime deep and vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) wavelength spectral test systems.
In this study, [O.sub.3] is produced by using a vacuum VU (VUV) light which generates 1850 [Angstrom] (185 nm) ultraviolet light.
* Ex-Mini Excimer Lamp Light Source Attributes/comments: Hamamatsu EX-Mini modifies surfaces to improve adhesion of coatings and glues, and removes surface residues from glass and other substrates using VUV light.
Please note that an important reason to use Xe is the fact that the VUV radiation is generated immediately after switching on this radiation source, as Xe is a gas at room temperature and does not need to evaporate to ensure proper lamp operation.
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