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VUVVanuatu Vatu (ISO currency code)
VUVVacuum Ultraviolet
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20) VUV photodetectors are currently undergoing the R&D phase, and especially the stability and reproducibility are problems.
For the cases using VUV lamps, the ozone levels were in the range of 0.
The main objectives of the present study were to (i) compare the removal efficiencies of UV, VUV, UV/TiO2, VUV/ TiO2 in the presence and absence of dissolved oxygen (ii) to investigate the decomposition kinetics of the applied AOTs and (iii) to investigate the practical applications of the applied AOTs towards removal of pharmaceuticals from wastewater.
Modification of one side of mulberry silk fabric by monochromatic VUV excimer lamp", European Polymer Journal, 43: 4573-4581.
The deep red orange fluorescence has been explained by two photon absorption followed by emission from the higher excited energy states in UV and VUV region.
Further, this reactor may be used in generation of intensive UV and VUV photons using noble gases.
They also revealed the Volvo estate car they were driving had a Belgian numberplate beginning with the letters VUV.
CODIGO ESPECIE ANIMAL ALR Alectoris rufa (Perdiz) APS Apodemos sylvaticus (Raton de campo) AVE Ave que no esta determinada BOP Bos primigenius (Uro) BOT Bos taurus (Bovidos) CAF Canis familiaris (Perro) CAH Capra hircus (Cabra) CAP Capra pyrenaica (Cabra montesa) CEE Cervus elaphus (Ciervo) ELQ Eliomys quercinus (Liron careto) EQF Equus ferus (Caballo) IND Especies sin determinar LEC Lepus capensis (Liebre) LYP Lynx pardina (Lince) O/C Ovicapridos (Oveja y cabra) ORC Oryctolagus caniculus (Conejo) OVA Ovis aries (Oveja) SUD Sus domesticus (Cerdo) SUS Sus scrofa (Jabali) VUV Vulpes vulpes (Zorro) Cuadro 2.
Spectra of emission, excitation of steady-state luminescence, and phosphorescence of samples excited by monochromatic VUV radiation with quantum energies up to 14 eV at 293 K and up to 12 eV at 85 K were measured [19].
He has also developed new electron impact based techniques for the measurement of absolute oscillator strengths (transition probabilities) for the production of highly excited electronic and ionized states of molecules at VUV and soft X-ray energies.
VUV technique for surface treatment and surface modification is the second way for creation of a surface with hydrophobic-hydrophilic mosaic structure [30, 31].
Features: includes corona discharge with optional 10 to 20 DC, 120VAC or 240VAC; compressor driven VUV and CD spa systems; NSF-rated complete sanitation systems with patented adjustable orifice V3 Dynamic Venturi Injectors