VUWVictoria University of Wellington
VUWVeterinärmedizinische Universität Wien (German: University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna; Vienna, Austria)
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Parker would later be instrumental in the establishment of the country's first university-based marae, at VUW.
Colin had determined, on the basis of observations he made during the VUW Antarctic Expeditions, that one of the Wright Valley (Antarctica) glaciers would be suitable.
At CU and VUW the units in medieval French became individual papers, and subsequently were reduced to two papers at 200-level at CU and eventually one paper at 300-level at VUW.
One of the newer woman professors at VUW had applied because of 'the encouragement of family and my Head of School; the urgings of colleagues in NZ and overseas'.
At VUW the proportion of Web of Science research publications fluctuates around 15% without displaying any clear signs of crowding out other types of research output.
However, it is also true that several changes have occurred since the study was conducted--in particular, the departure of key researchers from VUW, Canterbury, and Lincoln, and several new hires--and, in the best spirit of empirical science, I look forward to future research which takes these factors into account.
23 May Dr Fiona Barker and Dr Kate McMillan (senior lecturers in comparative politics and politics at VUW respectively), 'Populism in the 2017 French and New Zealand Elections'.
On 15 March Gerard van Bohemen (New Zealand's permanent representative to the United Nations) addressed a meeting at VUW on 'New Zealand on the Security Council 2015-16: A View from Within'.
The relative ranking of VUW and Canterbury depends on the particular measures used, as do the rankings of the other four departments.
On 15 August retired US ambassador Derek Shearer, who is the Stuart Chevalier professor of diplomacy and world affairs at Occidental College and heads the McKinnon Center for Global Affairs, gave an address at VUW on 'Foreign Policy and the US Presidential Election, What Implications for the World and New Zealand'.
Infrastructure: Wellington Port, international airport, motorway to Wellington, Whitireia Community Polytechnic, ESR, Innovation Greenhouse Porirua (business incubator), VUW, Weltec.