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VUWVeterinärmedizinische Universität Wien (German: University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna; Vienna, Austria)
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We discuss the origins of Indigenous studies within UAF and VUW, including our institutions' stated responsibilities to Indigenous peoples.
This study is the first of its kind carried out in Aotearoa New Zealand, and it allows us to obtain a first and general picture of young New Zealanders' reception habits regarding fictional programs, even though it describes a specific segment of youth: late teenagers and first-year VUW students.
Colin had determined, on the basis of observations he made during the VUW Antarctic Expeditions, that one of the Wright Valley (Antarctica) glaciers would be suitable.
At CU and VUW the units in medieval French became individual papers, and subsequently were reduced to two papers at 200-level at CU and eventually one paper at 300-level at VUW.
Further, the role of professors at VUW was the subject of prolonged discussion in the early years of the 21st century as the title acquired different meanings in different settings, relating to position as well as academic status.
Paul Jose (from VUW) would probably not entirely agree, He provides a thoughtful and provocative overview of the literature on the moral development of children, examining Freud, Skinner, Piaget, and Kohlberg, and ending with an argument that Piaget, at least, is easily reconciled with Darwin and that integration with evolutionary theory is both possible and desirable.
At VUW the proportion of Web of Science research publications fluctuates around 15% without displaying any clear signs of crowding out other types of research output.
VUW's Professor Roberto Rabel, NZIIA vice president, provided a more detailed focus on one particular aspect of New Zealand's regional approach--its involvement in the Vietnam War.
Blumenfeld Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand e-mail: antong.victorio
21/05/08, MARTIN MANNING, CLIMATE CHANGE RESEARCH INSTITUTE, VUW, IN THE DOMINION POST, WELLINGTON -- Soon after the Government announced a 2-year delay in the emissions trading scheme for transport fuels, officials were reported to be considering a reduction in the speed limit as a way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
The judgement of his VUW teachers that he was first class was endorsed when he was awarded a Doctorate in Philosophy at Oxford in 1968.
Other speakers included two former New Zealand ambassadors to China, Christopher Elder and Michael Powles, Siah Hwee Ang (BNZ chair in business in Asia, School of Marketing and International Business, Victoria University of Wellington), Nathalie Harrington (solicitor, Russell McVeagh), Naisi Chen (board member, New Zealand China Council Advisory Board), Charlie Gao (partner, Mahon China Investment Management Ltd), Danielle Thian (senior analyst, PricewaterhouseCoopers New Zealand), Jason Young (acting director, New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre, VUW) and Prof Brian Moloughney (University of Otago).