VVAFVietnam Veterans of America Foundation
VVAFVietnam Veterans Assistance Fund (now Veterans Support Foundation)
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65) Reports by the VVAF, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance to Afghanistan, and others agree that due to landmines, food production has been severely curtailed as some 60 percent of arable land lies untouched; tens of thousands of domestic animals have been killed; and the property of as much as 80 percent of the population has been directly affected.
I do not think that the ICBL or the VVAF hate America.
The VVAF has argued against the "tyranny of consensus," a consensus that was aimed at balancing both humanitarian and national security concerns.
Every clement of the Amnesty and VVAF programs was held to a single, inflexible criterion: Does it serve the educational and expressive needs of young artists?
The VVAF call for posters featured captions in English and Vietnamese, and all Amnesty materials were printed in both English and Spanish.
As a resource for art educators and students, both the VVAF and Amnesty have funded a slide show depicting fifty posters that will be available on a loan basis prior to the next call for posters.