VVAFVietnam Veterans of America Foundation
VVAFVietnam Veterans Assistance Fund (now Veterans Support Foundation)
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VVAF has an established record of supporting programs that provide direct services and representation to veterans seeking benefits and services they earned through their sacrifices.
The Support Task Force hopes to raise $5 to $20 million for VVA and VVAF programs for returning veterans.
I do not think that the ICBL or the VVAF hate America.
The VVAF has argued against the "tyranny of consensus," a consensus that was aimed at balancing both humanitarian and national security concerns.
Every clement of the Amnesty and VVAF programs was held to a single, inflexible criterion: Does it serve the educational and expressive needs of young artists?
This partnership represents an extraordinary milestone in our relationship with the Vietnamese," said VVAF President Bobby Muller, who led the first delegation of U.
with the findings of a VVAF poll following the September 11th attacks,
VVAF is a Washington, DC-based international humanitarian organization that assists civilian victims of conflict in countries overseas, as well as educates and engages the public about the global landmine crisis.
We are deeply honored to present this award to Minister Axworthy," VVAF President Bobby Muller notes.
In the intervening years, VVAF has been the most prominent American non-governmental presence in Vietnam, enjoying a special relationship with both the Vietnamese government and its people.
In May 1997, she first appeared in public for VVAF, organizer of the Campaign for a Landmine Free World, at a dinner honoring Senator Patrick J.