VVAWVietnam Veterans Against the War
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Not only did VVAW members dress radically; their message also put them beyond the pale of acceptable American society.
85) Yet, in terms of the American servicemen who fought in the war, and in particular the VVAW, Winning represents a key work of witness to one of the most important events in the American past--one that still resonates strongly in the present.
Originating from and connected to the antiwar spirit of the VVAW, the collection represented a moral stance given form through artistic commitment.
As a VVAW activist, for instance, he has participated in resistance to U.
Therefore, they were genuinely shocked when the public and much of the media chose to ignore the Winter Soldier Investigation, a series of war crimes hearings sponsored by VVAW in January and February 1971.
Through these years VVAW remained the direct beneficiary of what Colonel Robert Heinl, in the pages of the 1971 Armed Forces Journal, described as "a state approaching collapse" in the "U.
Surprisingly, several VVAW chapters survived the Paris Peace Accords of January 1973.
Women in many SDS chapters were expected to make coffee and do "shit work"; VVAW issued lengthy position papers condemning sexism and, by 1972, actively recruited women and asked them to serve in positions of power.
The exmaple of VVAW illustrates that despite ebbs and flows, that nebulous and often misunderstood wave of political activism deemed "the movement" did not sputter to a halt after the Weathermen blew themselves up in March 1970, nor did it stop with the killings at Kent State and Jackson State the following May.
It was Kerry, Johnson writes, who took over leadership of VVAW under false pretenses and dragged it in the direction of Jane Fonda and collaboration with the enemy.