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VVCVictor Valley College (Victorville, CA)
VVCVariable Valve Control
VVCViral Video Chart (blog)
VVCVertex Venture Capital (Israel)
VVCVan Vliet Centre (Canada)
VVCVirtual Value Chain
VVCVoltage-Var Control
VVCVictims of Violent Crime
VVCVerification, Validation and Certification
VVCVincennes Volley Club (French: Vincennes Volleyball Club; Vincennes, France)
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Antifungal drugs available for the treatment of VVC are generally for topical use and may cause local toxic effects, such as burns and irritation, in addition, the sensitivity of the strains to these drugs is becoming less (Liu et al.
While short term therapy is recommended for most women with VVC, those with diabetes need prolonged courses (7-14 days) of conventional treatment.
In North East India, fungal disease incidences are high; our previous study from Tripura showed VVC rates at 25% and as one of the most common finding among STIs.
albicans resistant to antifungal agents, mainly to azoles, is a serious health problem and hampers the treatment of VVC.
6 and calculated via the Percus-Yevick approximation (18) confirm the presence of two simultaneous effects while keeping the VVC constant: (i) an increase in the spatial extension of the first sphere of coordination due to the increase in the minimum distance between two air voids' centers; (ii) an increase in the total number of coordination spheres due to a higher degree of spatial organization.
This article presents a review of the literature on treating VVC.
Our objective was to determine the association between symptomatic VVC and HIV RNA levels in the plasma and GTs of HIV-infected women on HAART.
1) The following examples are classified as "uncomplicated WC": sporadic or infrequent VVC, mild-to-moderate VVC, VVC likely caused by C albicans, or WC in nonimmunocompromised women.
Probiotic suppositories after treatment didn't reduce clinician-diagnosed recurrences of either BV or VVC compared with placebo (7% vs 17% after 2-3 days; 22% vs 29% after the first menstrual cycle; P=not significant for both).
Management of refractory VVC is possible, but can be extremely difficult, Dr.
1,2) It is estimated that 75% of women will have VVC at least once in their lifetime.